Sunday, November 17, 2013

Art Expo

So, yesterday, there was an art expo-sale of various independent artists, including my friend Zael Von Mazon, where his girlfriend Ceniza and Me, were in charge of his PR and selling. I am proud to say I made an awesome job, and although in Mexico the situation is not for spending money in things like Art, because the income is very low, we were so happy to see that he sold many prints with serial number and signed and also a lot of people were interested in his originals as well! It was a bloody exhausting day but we all had a lot of fun, the sale was good, and we made a lot of PR :) 

Ready to work!!
Zael loves black so we were dressed totally in black :)

The stand:

Some of the prints

 Originals: you can't appreciate here but they are tridimensional

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