Monday, November 25, 2013

Schoolgirl or something like that

I have a confession to make: Normally I like "good" music, as my boyfriend would say (since he is the musician) but every now and then, I fall for some commercial stuff that I find cheerful and funny, and yesterday night, that I was checking some blog entries and making some advance on my blog, I had Disney Chanel on the TV (I know... I know), and the movie showing was "Teen Beach Movie", at the beginning I was super skeptical, but after a while I fell for the songs and I found myself reading the lyrics and moving a little bit. It is corny but it was so cute that made me feel 17 again!!! So, I've been listening to the songs the whole day and perhaps since I was feeling a teenager, I was in the mood of looking like one, and this is the result!
Ah, by the way, many lovely friends were worried about me, I am totally recovered! Back to rock!!

Outfit details:
Skirt: Flea market (In Norway)

Makeup: Chanel and MAC
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