Saturday, November 23, 2013

Special guest: Ivana; Bosnia & Australia

I talked before about how fascinating I find whenever someone has the chance to move to a different Country (at least for a while), specially when they are very far away from your home one. Generally things seem so different that you have (at the beginning) a bad time fitting in but once you do it, you find new stuff and fascinating details in every corner. That's the case of Ivana, she is from Bosnia & Herzegovina but she moved to Australia. Quite a change! Defo a brave girl!
She has the nose I've always wanted ;) . I don't know if that is her real hair color but I love it, because since her skin is so white, with her black hair, to me, she looks just as Snow White. Even the short hair! She is beautiful!
About the outfit, was really hard to choose, because she has many different things (pants, skirts, color, monochrome, everything!), but (to me) the beach is always inspiring, so I loved the outfit as much as the background so I went for this one! And well, I know it is Autumn, but, many of my readers are in warm countries, so, no reason to get all covered if you can avoid it (at least for some more months).
If you like a versatile style, you defo have to visit her blog! :)
Thank you so much, Ivana!

♥♥ Bosnia & Herzegovina and Australia ♥♥

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