Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special guest: Alexa, Honduras, the heart of Central America

 The jacket is amazing, and the boots!
Honduras is in the very heart of Central America, with awesome beaches, it is rich in art, colonial cities, and its famous for its warm people. Very latin! I love it! It has the famous Mayan ruins of Copan (and generally people are just aware of Chichen-Itzá -México-; Palenque -México-; and Tikal -Guatemala-). The Caribbean beaches are warm and amazing, with super clear waters, its islands, and lakes. It is perfect for a vacation if you like warm weather and lovely people!
Alexa is a beautiful Honduran girl, with an awesome skin tone, nice eyes, style and she also has brains. She is a graphic designer (perhaps she would make this blog format look better, hehe), and she is now in the States. She also goes for the low budget fashion (with I love, because I could never buy a Dolce & Gabbana coat) and she gives us in her blog great ideas to look amazing spending less.
Her tips are amazing so check them out in her blog:
Thanks so much, Alexa!
 Beautiful girl from a beautiful country!

 A jumbo bag is perfect if you're planning to be all day out :)

I love her ultra natural look :)

 Copan, Honduras

Honduras, great for fly fishing :)

Honduras: The heart of Central America :)

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