Monday, May 13, 2013

Special guest: Beautiufl Lena, from Ukraine

I've already talked a lot about Ukraine and about how much I love and admire the country in previous posts, where awesome girls shared their pics with me. So' Im skipping it for now.
But so far, all Ukranian girls I've met during this proect, are super cute, stylish, and sweet! So, Lena is not the exception. She is cute, stylish, original, she keeps it simple but with a touch... well, amazing! she has wonderful pics, check them out :)
Thank you so much, Lena!

Her boots are from Bershka :)

Ukraine :)

Ukraine, always a nice surprise :)

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  1. Proud of being an Ukrainian<3

    1. Of course! I've been researching about your country and it is beautiful!


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