Friday, May 10, 2013

White and flowers

I was hesitating in posting the outfit of today since I was all sweaty, my make up was ruined and my feet were swollen after Andrew and I walked for several hours, but the idea of this blog is to have as many pictures as possible from as many outfits as possible in every ocation, so, I put my pride aside, and here I am with my messy hair and what was left of my make up :p
 This was how my outfit looked like before Andrew spoiled coffee on me! :S

This is the scene of crime

And this is how I fixed it :p

The top was bought in H&M sales two years ago (don't remember the price)
The pants were around 8 USD on a street market
The flip flops were bought in H&M sales last year for around 5 USD
The belt has been in my closet for ages
And I made my necklace and it has been seen previously here:
I'm not wearing any makeup

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  1. I love your pants! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Sure sweetie, that sounds like a fantastic idea! I would be proud o represent Latvia on your blog! :)
    Also following you now! :)

  3. Hi ! Yeah it would be a pleasure for me to represent France on your blog , that's really nice =D I love your style !! But the new adress of my blog is : (because you wrote me a comment on my previous blog :)
    We keep in touch =)

  4. Hi Dharia! Beautiful look. To answer the question you left on my blog. Yes, you can definitely use my images.


  5. Hi. :)
    Thanks for contacting me.. What a great idea to do that. I’ve checked some of the posts, and I think they’re great. You can use my pictures for a post on Denmark, I'd like that.. :)

    - Charlotte,

  6. Hi, Love! Following your blog! If You wnat - You can Use my pictures in tour post ;) greetings from Lettonia ;)


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