Sunday, May 12, 2013

Special guest: Charlotte, from Fairy Tale Land Denmark

I had been missing a nice fashion blogger from Denmark. I think I was just not lucky enough to find the perfect blogs, and I found 2!!! One from a beautiful girl called Charlotte, and the other one from two sisters that I will post in another entry soon. But my findings really amazed me. I was in Denmark for just one weekend, but I was shocked of how pretty it was, colorful... I had one of the times of my life! I knew it was the land of Hans Christian Andersen and I've always loved fairy tales, but I never imagined it so colorful, full of museums, smiling people, everyone prefering to use their bikes than cars, museums everywhere, nice coffees and deserts everywhere, all kinds of stores. I even met a woman that had two yorkies (adorable, by the way) and one of them could understand betwen right and left raising her paw!!  I had to contain myself to don't leave the poor woman without her puppies, but they were adorable!! We walked in practically every corner in Copenhagen and I didn't wanna go back home!!!
So, after I fell in love with Denmark, I had to find someone super special, that defined (for me) the essence of Denmark! And here is Charlotte: beautiful, skinny, with awesome long hair... and... she makes a lot of her clothes... it is not just great, it is marvelous! She also designs clothes and to discover her wonderful creations you have to visit her blog!
I wanted to show all her drawings here, but I think if it has been a long job for her, the most proper thing is that you visit directly her page :)
She does a little bit of modeling, she is creative, she is good for dressing and (I insist) I am really impressed in the clothes she makes! I haven't seen all of the entries yet, but I am working on that, and each time I click on "previous posts" I have an amazing surprise!
Thank you very much, Charlotte!!

She is wearing H&M and ASOS and she makes them rock!!

And here is me in some pictures in my fabulous trip to Denmark!!

Love Denmark!!!

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