Sunday, May 26, 2013

Special guest: Awesome Maria from Macedonia :)

 I am terrified of using green, but she manages to make it look awesome!
Maria left a comment in the blog not long ago and I ran to check her blog. And of course I was happily impressed! She is cute, she is stylish, she tries all kinds of combinations, she is sweet, she is always smiling, and she likes Elisa Nalin (I love her too)! If you are not familiar with her, she is a fashion consultant and she is quite famous for using all kinds of colors and always looking cheerful with her outfits :), she is always smiling, and she has beautiful short hair (as Maria).
Maria is an English teacher, she didn't say what level but I hope it was not teenagers because when I used to teach theater to teenagers I almost lost my hair! (no offence to my young readers ).
Maria is in love with pastel tones but she tries all the rest as well, and her style is very neat and nice.
Check her blog! :)
Here she is!
Thank you so much, Maria!! You are adorable!

 The combination with the scarf and the pants is great!

 I love her nails!! And the bag is perfect!


This was not part of the outfit but since pets have a very important place in this blog I couldn't avoid showing this cutie :)

Always stylish Elisa Nalin :)

Beautiful picture of Macedonia

Macedonia: falling in love with the people :)

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  1. I am soo happy!
    Muchísimas Gracias!

    1. Gracias a ti :) was very hard to choose an outfit since they are all amazing!

  2. hi. sure, you can feature me on your blog (with the link back to mine). thanks!

  3. Odlična si, prelijepa, sviđa mi se sve. Uvijek imaš savršene kombinacije! :*


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