Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blue leggins outfit number 4: Mix with red

When  I saw Luna's little red dress on the entry I decided to mix my blue leggins with my little red dress... but GOOD (and bad) news!! The good news is that I've lost weight since I bought it a year and a half ago, bad news is that it looks like jammies!! And today was a birthday of a very close friend. I couldn't go to her party looking as if I was wearing jammies. Still, since yesterday I NEEDED to wear something red, so I took out my red skirt (the only one, at the moment) and here is the final combination of this episode of 4 outfits. I hope you like!!

The leggins have been seen previously here: 
The boots have been seen previously here: 
And the earrings have been seen previously here:

So the amount spent on this outfit was... NOTHING! :)

And here is a pic of Andrew and me at the party :) I love him!

The Make up is MAC :)

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