Thursday, May 9, 2013

Special guest: Maria, Spain and Morocco together :)

 I love the electric blue bag!!
Maria is a very cute girl from Spain living in Morocco! I love when people gets adventurous and decides to live far away! She is a child teacher (what a great job!!) and she is trying to show us the life from Morocco from deep in her blog. It is awesome that someone shares something like that, since, we always are so used to our little world that we never consider it exciting, until someone else says "how cool is your life", hehehe. Happens to me all the time, but I am learning to pay attention to little details to enjoy as much as possible every single day. Her blog is: and you should check it out. She has been in amazing places I've never imagined.
Here she is :)
 The painting on the train is amazing!

 Mixing textures is always cool!

There's nothing like a nice girl smiling!

 Rabat, Morocco, where she lives now :)

Sevilla, Spain, her home town!

Spain and Morocco! The best of two contries!
Thank you so much, Maria!!

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