Friday, May 10, 2013

Special guest from Chile: Lovely Valeria

After the military coup in Chile in the 70's, that took Salvador Allende out of the power, everything in Chile was confusion. People being kidnapped, tortured, secret groups of opposition, The house of the Spirits movie makes a very good resume of all what was going on and also Of Love and Shadows with super hot Antonio Banderas. Anyway, Chileans had not much to do agains an oppressive conservative government, except fighting. Little by little, mass civil resistence claimed its human rights and freedom of choosing their leaders, and now, in the 21 century Chile has human rights, democracy, and education. The people is beautiful, the country is breathtaking. Excellent writters come from that beautiful country with amazing landscapes and history, like Pablo Neruda and Isabell Allende; and Film maker Alejandro Jodorowski (that now lives in France and that I had the chance to see in a lecture 4 years ago, a really smart and creative man!!), and Chile is also emerging in the movie sector!
Valeria, also known as Morita (Little berry) is a beautiful Chilean girl that also runs her fashion blog: and has really nice pictures. She is very cheery and from a land of people that won't give up! :) Her blog is not just about fashion, but also home decor, and inspiring things (for her). She pays attention to little details and I totally love that!! :)
I love her glasses and the military green she is wearing!
Thank you so much for letting me use your pictures, Valeria :)

 Easter Island, Chile


Chile: Land of artists :)

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  1. wooooow!!!!!!! LOOOOOOVE IT!!! me encantooo!!! esta
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