Friday, May 24, 2013

Special guest: Anat, from Antique Israel

Although Israel is almost a new country, its lands and history go back many years. I love it. Everything about Israel is related to archeology, history, legends, theology, and it seems that you would never finish learning.
I found Anat a couple of days ago, and I was super impressed, she is beautiful and she manages to look ultra chic even if she is not over dressed or using very particular garments. I wish I could look like that without effort! In all her outfits she uses just one or two accessories, and perhaps sunglasses, and she is ready to be the queen on the street!
Check her blog!! :) and good news! It is in English!
It was really hard to pick an outfit, because she looks absolutely great with all of them!
Thank you so much, Anat :)

All the clothes is from Zara, and the accessories Forever21 (except the watch)

Jerusalem, perhaps the most famous destination in Israel :)
Israel: History on every corner :)

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