Monday, May 13, 2013

Special guest: USA, Gorgeous Sarah

I had been missing a very important part of my culture in this blog: The United States. Having grown in Mexico, we get deeply influenced by the American culture, and I don't understand why many people freak out when they hear (or read) that. If you get the good things, any thing that influences you is cool. Movies, music, stores, and of course a lot of television. I also have heard many people complaining about the American TV, but of course if you just focus in bad series, it can be sucky... anywhere! Mexican soap operas stink and I was shocked to see they were playing them in Romania!
But the point (for me) is that despite the prejudice, The States is a great country of artists and scientists as well. Just to say few names... In science: Stephen Hawkin, Michio Kaku (a bloody good physicist). In music: Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley.
And if I start in movies I would never end. And I have been in The States may times and I love them. The people I've met in my trips are amazing, and I'm still in touch with many of them. California, Texas, Nebraska, Florida... but never in three spots I'm dying to see: NY, Chicago and New Orleans. So, let me moan a little bit and say... I need moneyyyyyyyy.
Anyway, I found this beautiful girl on my fashion hunting search, and besides lovely (she replied inmediately to me) she is a model! You can see that in her pictures! Her name is Sarah, and I will let you admire her :)
Thanks so much, Sarah!
Her best tip to look fashionable is to keep it chic and easy breezy! I love it :)
She gives us here two versions of a fabulous black jumpsuit. I never liked them with long trousers but after seeing how wonderful she looks, I think I'm gonna give it a try!!
 Model face, defo!

And this is the second version. I love it too!!

 Chicago, where she lives now :)

Chicago :)

I totally love the American Street Style!!

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