Thursday, May 9, 2013

Special guest: Awesome Julia from green Switzerland

What makes her so enigmatic? :) I love the animal print!
I was missing a girl from beautiful Switzerland on this blog, and it is funny because two of my best friends live in Zurich: Lorena, and Júlia (it is not the same one, though), one from Colombia, and the other one from Spain. They are studying there because according to what they say, Switzerland has an awesome level education. No surprise. Everything we hear from that country is just good! And who hasn't heard about the famous Swiss chocolates and cheese? Just thinking about it I'm drooling!
And well, I found another girl with brains in my blog search, who describes herself as a bulimic reader, so I'm sure she does have conversation!!! Every single person I know that "eats" one book after the other, has always something interesting to say.
But she doesn't have just brains... she is stunning! And she has a very, very particular style, mixing pieces that I would hesitate in doing, but she makes them work! And  they work fabulously! Kinda edgy  but classy at the same time, and... well, I could say compliments for an hour but wouldn't be enough, so, judge for yourself, and don't forget to check her blog! :)
 Love the bracelet!

 I'm crazy about the shoes!!

The nail color is fantastic and that is one of the prettiest necklaces I've ever seen!
Her face is beautiful!!
Thanks so much, Julia!!

 Swiss lands... breathtaking!

Swiss cheeses! I want them all!!

Unparalleled Switzerland!

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  1. Thank you so much for all those compliments Dharia!
    It's a real pleasure to read your articles!

    Going to share your link with all my followers!


    Julia from

    1. I'm verry happy you liked it! Im checking little by little all your entries, love them! And I'm following you now :)


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