Monday, May 27, 2013

Best blog award :)

Hey everybody! I've been nominated for the best blog award :) by Valeria (Ukraine). Thanks!!

The Rules:

1.Poste your nomination has nominated the "Best Blog Award" image and thanks with a link to that of you!
2.Beantworte the 11 questions
3.Tagge 10 other bloggers who have less than 200 readers!
4.Sage the bloggers know.

The questions:

When and why did you founded your blog?
Around 2 and a half months ago, and it was because I love fashion, but everything I could find in magazines and blogs was completely unaffordable for me, so I wanted to give people more choises, and then the project grew up to become a worldwide street style blog. 

Do you have a role model for your blog?
Fashion icons always inspire me.

Do you follow many blogs?
Oh yes, of all the beautiful girls that allowed me to use their pics here.

Since when do you care intensely for beauty and make up?
Since I was around 16. I felt terribly ugly during my teens and taking care of my appeareance gave me some security.
With the time I started loving who I am, but still, I love fashion, colors, beauty, make up. 

What product brand your resolution and why?
I love L'Oréal, Chanel and MAC make up. And Eucerin creams.

Do you have a favorite lipstick/nail polish?
Not really.

What Kissmouth impression you leave on paper?
A light creamy color like beige or pink

Your house is on fire and you have time to save three beauty products from the flames. What would they be?
Eucerin PH5 body creme, MAC mascara and foundation

What you rather do without when shopping: shoes, chocolate, clothing or beauty?
Clothes :)

I tag: 


I would really appreciate all your comments!