Friday, May 24, 2013

Special guest: Junghyun Yoo: the best example from South Korea

I found Junghyun a couple of days ago and I think I've seen most of her pictures already because this girl impressed me!!! I loved her style!!
 She has courage mixing all kinds of prints, colors with and textures, in a way that I don't understand how, but she totally makes them look awesome!!! There was not a single outfit I didn't like or that I liked less. Every time I went to older posts at her blog, I found an even better surprise, and mixings I would never have thought about, but she gave me thousands of ideas!!!
 She is an absolute example for me because I think I have to push my limits farther and experiment with all the fabrics, colors and textures I can find instead of staying in my "I look cool" comfort zone! That's how you discover how far you can go!
Many girls (specially sober ones) might think it is too much, but c'mon! Anna Dello Russo, Catherine Baba, Michelle Harper,  and Daphne Guinness are world famous not specially for being sober. They all think that more... IS MORE! And they are all cool, chic, and impressed the entire world with their styles!
However, if you want a sober icon, Hanneli Mustaparta is a very classy girl, minimalist chic example. I love her as well!!!
I think you are totally fabulous Junghyun! Thank you so much!!
And here is her blog:

 Orange tights under blue spring sandals... I would have never imagined it, but I love it!!

This picture is not part of the outfit, but her face is so pretty and mysterious that I had to share it!!

Style Icons:
 My favorite: Daphne Guinness. I totally love her!

Michelle Harper

 Anna Dello Russo

And amazing Catherine Baba :)

Beautiful pic of South Korea

South Korea: Always going farther!!

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