Monday, May 27, 2013

Special guest: Astonishing Jasmine, from Netherlands

 White pants are fantastic, but to wear them, we have to have a fantastic body shape as hers :)
What is not to say about Netherlands except good things? All the bloggers I've contacted are super nice, stylish, cute, sweet, trendy! I love them all!. I love they have super different styles between each other, and each one makes their own style rock!! That is the case of beautiful Jasmine. She has a fabulous body, face and personality, and to make it better, she dresses like a star!
Thank you so much, Jasmine! Love your outfits!
Here is her link:
She give us a fabulous tip: She loves heels, but as long as she is planning to walk a lot, she always carries her flip flops :)

 Love the sunglasses!

Love Netherlands!!

Netherlands: Fantastic!!

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