Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Special guest: Valentina, A fairy from Belarus

 This is Valentina and her lovely dog!!
Belarus has always sounded exotic for me, it belonged to the USSR, but after all the countries became independent, I am not too familiar with them. However, the capital is Minsk, and the National Library of Belarus has an awesome building that is becoming iconic. It is full of museums (incluing an aerospace museum),     and the country has more than 10,000 lakes! :) It has beautiful forrests perfect for walks and Belarussians are masters in Ballet and Opera! I love both! I used to dance for many years and dancing was one of my passions!
Defo, a place to go :)
And this is beautiful Valentina. She has a daughter called Miroslava that is the cutest baby, but I didn't ask her for permission to put a pic of her little beloved one here, so, you will have to admire her huge eyes in her blog: http://blogsbrunette.blogspot.com
Valentina has awesome pictures, a lovely dog (but I don't know its name), and a very exotic face. She is not a conventional beauty, but she is defo very pretty!
Thank you very much for letting me use your pictures, Valentina! You are really sweet :)
 I love the flowers on the head!!!

 The kitty flats are super fashionable now, even Alexa Chung has a pair!

 I love her look!

 National library of Belarus

Belarus Ballet :)

Belarus: Land of lakes and Ballet

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