Friday, May 17, 2013

Special guest: Borka from The United States and the timeless LBD

She lives in Miami and that is one of my favorite cities in The States, I've been there twice and I had super loads of fun!! I met people from all over the world in the hostel I was, and since it is full of latin people, they are warmer than the average Americans, so you feel at home. All the other Americans have always been super nice to me, even in customs, where everyone is afraid of them, but in Miami, I felt really good.
I could not tell if Borka is American or not because I haven't read all her blog, but one thing is for sure: She is beautiful and she has style!
And from all the wonderful outfits she has in her blog, I chose this one because of one simple reason: I love the LBD! It is the most versatile garment you will ever find because you can use it in any possible way! Day, light, casual, elegant, chic, trendy, edgy. It lets you play with it as much as your imagination allows you, and in this case she uses a cowboy hat (that fits her beautifully) and flat shoes that make her look chic and casual.
Here is her blog:
Thank you, Borka, you are stunning! And LOVE Miami!!

Love her outfit!!

Ocean Boulevard, Miami. I ate like 3 tones of food there! An awesome place to party!

USA: Always fun!

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