Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Special guest: Mary, Great fashion blogger from Uzbekistan :)

And finally I'm getting collaborations from far away lands as Uzbekistan!! I am not very familiar with the culture over there, so, sometimes the language and culture barrier makes very hard for me to comunicate with the fabulous bloggers and fashionistas from Middle East and Asia. But when I get a positive answer, I get super happy.
Mary is a fashionista from Uzbekistan, and although I didn't find pictures of her on the blog, she has taken amazing fashion pictures and written fabulous articles. Here is her link: http://uzfashionista.blogspot.com . She is a brand new blogger (as me) and I think she is doing an excellent job. But since her sense of style is amazing, I'm dying to see pictures of her!
Anyway, she got this pictures at an Uzbekistan catwalk show inspired in the tradicional ethnic style from the country, which I think is wonderful.
Thank you, Mary!!!

I think the pictures are wonderful!!

Picture of Uzbekistan :)

Uzbekistan: Amazing!!

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