Monday, May 20, 2013

Special guest: Awesome Dosta from Macedonia

Well, I finally got in touch with a couple of Macedonian girls. They are so beautiful! Dosta has big brown eyes, amazing smokey eyes make up, long eyelashes, she is ultra girly and she has a wonderful taste.
She immediately replied to me but I took a couple of days showing in my blog how pretty and stylish she is because I've been super busy. Still I am super happy because I have over 13,000 readers from 76 countries! For a 2 months old blog is not bad :) . I've been checking Dosta's blog and it was extremelly hard for me to pic an outfit because all are so cool! So, if you have the chance, don't miss her blog: , I love the title!
Yay! I'm so happy when I get to post someone from a country I haven't posted before. And even more when all the beautiful girls that agreed to appear here are so pretty and nice as her!
Thank you so much, Dosta!

I love the printing on the dress and her tights are awesome. I would have never thought about putting them together but now I defo have to give it a try!

Here is a picture of beautiful Macedonia

Macedonia: Lovely people

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