Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special guest: Stunning Leticia, from Brazil :)

 That's a strong personality! I love her outfit!
Leticia is from Brazil (what a surprise, hehehe), and in my blogging adventure as I was saying before, I found out that Brazilian girls besides being super pretty and with amazin bodies... are super stylish!!! Totally different between each other, but always trendy, chic and look amazing!! What makes them that good for dressing and modeling? Is there something they eat? Their outfit combinations are just perfect, I wouldn't change a thing.
Leticia has a blog that updates daily with unbelievable outfits, and breathtaking pictures, check it out!
Here is stunning Leticia from Brazil! Enjoy!
 I want shorts like those!!

 The necklace is fabulous!

 A touch of green is a perfect idea!

 The secret is in the details!

A natural born model, I love the shoes!!
Thank you so much, Leticia!!

Rio, her home town!!

Brazil, home of awesome and stylish girls :)

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