Saturday, May 25, 2013

Special guest from Latvia: Fairy eyed Laura

 Red hair in two tones, magnificent!
She has fairy eyes! So deep, blue, big and shiny! And she has lips I would kill to have. She has one of my favorite jobs in the world: She is a make up artist :) and her blog is full of make up tips, pictures of her work, and awesome style ideas. I love Latvians!!
Here is her blog's link, check it out!! :)
Thank you, Laura! You're wonderful!
 No surprise make up artists like to dress with colors! I love it!
Everyone dresses in black in winter, let's change that! :)

I love her boots and bag! Blue gloves? Amazing!

This pic was not part of the same outfit, but it is a pic with her adorable dog!! I couldn't help it!
And since she is so pretty I had to add a pic of her face :)

Beautiful pic of Latvia :)

Latvia: Colors and style :)

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