Thursday, May 23, 2013

Special guest: Wonderful Anika from Kazakhstan!

It is said that Kazakhstan is the home land of the Amazons, the brave women warriors of the olden days. Isn't it cool? :)
I was so happy to find a girl from Kazakhstan that was willing to share her pictures with us. I was so amused with her style, it is ingenious, it is cute, it is romantic, it is chic and it is bohemian. I love the way she uses colors, and as I said before, I just love when a girl uses her glasses with pride. Hers are no exception: they are super chic and frame her beautiful eyes in a perfect way making them shine, she defo has good taste!
She has beautiful big brown eyes, and a child face, eternally young :) . Her name is Anika, and here is her blog's url: , it is in Russian but Google translate helped me understand everything :) so check it out! She has amazing pictures!
Thank you so much, Anika, you are a sweetheart!

I love the hat, the necklace and the glasses all together. They really make Anika look sweet :)
She is wearing ASOS, Topshop and Mango :)

Astana: Beautiful Kazakhstan capital

Kazakhstan: Sweet!

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  1. Thank you Dharia! It's an honour for me! Welcome to Kazakhstan!


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