Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Special guest: Panama: A growing country, and beautiful Sara

 I love ultra long skirts, and the color is amazing!
Panama is defo growing. Few years ago all we knew about it was that the boats had to pass throw the Panama Channel to get to the other side of America. Many years ago the poor sailors have to surround the entire continent if they had to transport something by boat and they just wanted to get to the other side! That changed with Panama Channel improving comerce of many countries. But what else is to know about Panama? Beach!!! And The Channel is becoming a cosmopolite center where businessmen and tourists from all over the world like to go, to have an awesome time on its beaches or marinas, try the delicious food, enjoy the company of the lovely people. Panama was in the top 45 destinations of New York Times to visit last year... and I'm sure they know what they are talking about!!  It is common to find people from all over the world in Panama Canal (Panama Chanel) and they do know how to party. I really really wanna go!
Over the last years, Panama City and Panama channel have brought beautiful hotels with amazing architecture that are worth to see!
I found the blog of two lovely sisters from Panama, Sara and Melisa while I was looking for some bloggers to keep on going with my project of street fashionistas from all over the world, and besides beautiful and lovely, they are as crazy for fashion as we all are!!
They both have beautiful smiles, the are cheery, lovely and they immediately answered my request.
I have to say I am delayed more than 20 entries! The replies I got from girls from all over the world was unbelievable and flattering!! I am going as fast as I can, I promise, and if you said yes, you will appear here soon!
Here is her blog: :) http://salissaprincess.blogspot.com they also talk about the life in Panama :) Here she is :)
Thank you for letting me use your pictures!!
 A nice watch is a must in every girl's accessory collection :)

 Do you remember I mentioned owls are super fashionable? 

Brand new ultra luxurious Trump Hotel & Condos in Panama Channel :)

Panama Channel, a must in the worlds' destination list

Panama: Latin warmness :)


  1. Ohh wao que linda nena...MIL GRACIAS por tan bonita entrada sobre nuestro país Panamá, y por los piropos a nuestro blog y a nosotras...

    Bienvenidos son a nuestro país...besos desde Panamá

    Princesa Miel Blog

    1. Tengo que ahorrar porque muero por visitar Panamá, pero les agradezco mucho que me hayan permitido usar sus fotos! Las dos son hermosas! Un abrazo y mis mejores deseos :)

  2. Love this post!!

    Tacones y tendencia


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