Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Special guests: Christina and Marlene, twins that rock from Denmark!

Beautiful Christina:
 Wearing Gina Tricot :)

Stunning Marlene:
I found a blog of 2 fashionista twins! Isn't it amazing? They are from Denmark, fashion passionate, super pretty, and with a very nice style. They make clothes that would not be like super girlish extremelly girly and sexy. I love it. Marlene is the only girl I know so far that looks so great wearing... Bart Simpson! And Christina... what about a sport dress? I didn't think it was possible to look so chic on one until I saw her.
I already said in a previous post how in love I am with Hans Christian Andersen's land, so I'm gonna skip it, but please check their blog. Awesome outfits, a great attitude and energy, and very nice girls!
Thank you girls!!
How is it possible to look so cool wearing that shirt? I have no clue but she rocks and makes me wanna wear the same shirt!!

This is me arriving to Denmark on the Ferry from Norway :)

And this is me in beautiufl Copenhagen :)

Fabulous Denmark!

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  1. awe how nice, we love it and you must be the sweetest thing :) you look great too.

    1. Thank you girls! Please keep in touch! Ill be checking your blog all the time!!


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