Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Special guest: British street style. Hollie's got it and makes it rock!

UK! UK! UK! I love the UK... everything! But I've already talked a lot about that. I just have to add that perhaps is one of my fav countries talking about street style and of course, Hollie is no exception! She makes  each outfit she wears rock, and look super cool and trendy. How? She knows how to mix! She takes risks and I love that.
She is stunning, she has style, she has great pictures, so you have to check her blog :)
Thank you so much for letting me use your pics, Hollie!

I was terrified of using a silver jacket until I saw her. I defo have to take the risk. 
She is wearing Zara on the Jacket and Skirt
The top was from a Charity shop (I totally love that! I went crazy in England in Charity shops)
And her boots from Topshop!

UK, Land of Peter Pan :)

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