Monday, May 20, 2013

Special guest: Superb Sara from Italy!

Yay! The first time I have an Italian girl in this blog! She is beautiful, she is a model (you can see) and she plays the guitar. She has amazing personality and she shows it in each one of her pictures.
She has a beautiful face, deep brown eyes, long blonde hair and all her outfits are fabulous. Her blog is so if you have the chance check it out. I was so impressed! :)
She manages to add an edgy touch to all of her outfits without loosing ellegance and no matter what she wears she looks stunning!
Thank you for letting me use your pictures, Sara!

I love the maxi skirt, and the boots add cool touch to the monochrome outfit :)

It was very hard to pick an iconic picture of Italy, because all is so beautiful, but I went for this one since I loved the movie The Perfume (and the book)
Florence, Italy

Italy: Land of history and arts :)

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  1. OMG! You make me cry! :')
    You're so sweet!!!!!
    Thank you so much!!


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