Friday, May 31, 2013

Special guest: El Salvador and lovely Gabba

And it is the turn of El Salvador again!! I found Gabba some days ago, and I'm very happy to finally present her to you. She is very pretty, has super sexy dark skin, beautiful short hair, and she is an animal lover! I stole some pictures of her with her ultra cute cat and an amazing dog but she didn't post the names :(
She has a very cool blog because, although she is a lot into fashion, she has a very personal style with grunge reminiscences. I think a lot of her looks are inspired by the 90's, and I totally love that, because instead of following trends, she sets her own.
Here is her blog's url:
Thank you very much, Gabba!

And here is Gabba with her beautiful cat and a doggy :)

 They are super cute!!

Picture of El Salvador :)

El Salvador: Wonderful!!

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  1. Muchas gracias :) Loveit ♥
    me gusto colaborar contigo y cualquier cosa
    estamos, éxito con tu blog!!!!
    Nos leemos ♥


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