Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Special guest: Efi, from antique Greece living in London

I already talked in previous posts about how much I love Greece, but I'm also crazy about the UK. I had the chance to be one month in England, and one week in Scotland and it was even better than expected. I grew up listening to British bands, and checking the Brit street style (because I'm crazy about it), and in London I had one of the best times of my life. The architecture of the city is fabulous, it is full of stores (of course) and all kinds of museums. I felt that I was walking throw history.
Anyway I found lovely Efi just yesterday and she immediately replied to me allowing me to use her pictures. I know sometimes my dear bloggers are too busy to reply, but when I get an answer right away I always get excited. And lovely Efi is from my beloved Greece, but she lives in London! Could it be any better? :)
She is stylish, she is an architect, and she has a fashion blog! :) check it out:
Thanks, Efi!!
 I love the wallet and the golden bracelet!

White and deep red are always cool!

Here are some pics of my trip to London :)

Two fabulous countries together :)

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