Sunday, May 26, 2013

Special guest: Vietnam and an amazing photographer, Aaron Joel

This entry is totally different because it is not about a fashion blogger, it is about a professional photographer!   When I found out that I had some readers from Vietnam I tried to find a Vietnamese fashion blogger, but maybe because of the language barrier was extremelly hard for me to find one. However, destiny was on my side, since almost by accident, I found one of the most amazing photographers I've seen: His name is Aaron Joel Santos and he has all kinds of photographs managing the color in a breathtaking way. He has a website, and I found out his fashion blog: . I loved every single picture. I don't think I will ever be able to capture a scene in a such dramatic way, but since this blog's main reason is to inspire each other, he is defo an inspiration.
I wanted to have more information about the pictures I'm posting here, that he allowed me to, but for what I've researched online, he is a super busy man and quite famous (I'm so proud he let me use the pictures!!), so I don't think I'll have all the info soon, however, all the shots were made in Vietnam (that's where he lives), and according to his biography (found online) he is American, but judging for the last name (Santos), he might have some latin blood (cool!).
The beautiful model must be Vietnamese as well. The designer is Sula Clothing from the UK.
Thank you so much, Aaron. I wish I could take pictures like you one day!

A beautiful picture of Vietman

Vietnam: Breathtaking!!

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