Sunday, May 12, 2013

Special guest: Anne Gaelle, Stylish France

 Blue is becoming a very important color in girls' garments. 
And here is the other amazing French girl I contacted. Her style rocks!!! She puts an edgy touch on every single outfit she wears and I love that! It is still girly, but with a twist that makes her very unique, chic, and fabulous!
Her name is Anne Gaelle, also known as Gazou (I don't know why, but it sounds cute), and when I saw her I was really impressed. Just few girls look well with short hair (unfortunately not me, and it is a shame because I totally love short hair on girls), and her haircut goes perfect with her face, and it is still a little bit edgy but girly, she has a wonderful piercing under the lower lip, and she looks great!!
I've been checking many of her posts and each one of them is a nice surprise!! Check them too! I also think that the name of her blog "rock n girly" is perfect to define her! She is studying a doctorate!! Brains and style are perfect!
Well... in the previous post about France I already mentioned how much I love France, so, I'm gonna skip it now, but Anne Gaelle, thank you very very much! I'll keep on following you! And J'aime la France!!
 The bag is fabulous! And I love the rings and bracelets. She didn't forget to keep the blue in the details. 

 Just few lucky girls (like she) look soo cool with short hair and a piercing. Amazing!

The coolest shoes I've ever seen! I want a pair on each color!!
She is wearing Mango and H&M :)

Paris :)

France: Land of arts and style

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