Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special guest: Amazing Ingrid from Brazil

I've found Ingrid in my search from fashion bloggers from all over the world. And I'm impressed of how many stylish and beautiful girls from Brazil are out there. I know they all have amazing body shapes, great taste in music and a really cheery and energetic personality, but I love how different they are, and although their taste in fashion is very different in each one, it is always awesome!
Ingrid has a blog with her fashion secrets, trips, and something I totally forgot about when I started this blog... FOOD! :) She takes pictures of every nice dish she has in front about her and she is about to enjoy and I suddenly felt hungry, so perhaps it's about time to go to the kitchen and make a nice dish to show off, I am quite good in meal cooking, but I totally suck in bakery! I don't remember the last time I tried to make a cake without the kitchen looking like it had been in the middle of a tornadoe afterwards.
Anyway, back to Ingrid, her blog is in English, she was a dancer (and I can tell that for her beautiful legs), and she is Brazilian! Each time I find an amazing Brazilian girl like her or my other dear contributors, I am really feeling as if I've missed a very important part in my trips: Brazil!
Beautiful, with amazing ballet body shape, real cool hair, amazing smile and super expressive eyes, here is Ingrid.
And here is her blog url:

Thank you, Ingrid!!

 Breathtaking Amazon rainforest. I really need to go!!

Archipelago Fernando de Noronha

Brazil: Stylish and beautiful girls!

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