Thursday, May 9, 2013

Special guest: Kate and her amazing eyes from Ukraine

 I want that coat!!
She seems as if she was just wearing mascara, and her eyes are amazing! Expressive, big, deep blue... I've always wanted a look like that! That's why I try all kinds of make up and contact colors, but I admit mine will never look that pretty, so, I just can be happy for her!
That's the first thing that impressed me from her when I found her blog: , how expressive her face is and how hypnotic her eyes are. She is a cool and beautiful girl from Ukraine (that looks just like a model), and I am in love of all her pictures and outfits. She immediately replied to me, and here she is!!Thank you so much!
I already talked a lot about Ukraine here:, so I'm not going too deep in that, again, but I insist: Ukraine rocks... and has beautiful  girls!!Enjoy! :)

 I am totally in love with her heels, but I can't walk with heels on the snow!! Is there any trick?

As I said: Beautiful eyes!

Lovely earings!

Beautiful Ukraine :)

Ukraine: Lovely :)

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