Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Special guest: Spectacular Jessica from Germany

Cute, with mysterious brown eyes, magnifique hair, personality, and style! That's Jessica!
I've met many people from Germany in my life and they all rock. A friend of mine is engaged to a German boy and she seems as happiest as I have never seen her before!
Germany is full of beautiful towns, castles, music, beer! Everything. It seems I'm gonna go this year with Andrew, I can't wait!!
 She is wearing a green metallic skirt! She said in her blog that she got inspired in Sex and the City.
I think she is the only person that can look this astounding with it!!
 Awesome look!

 That is a happy princess!

I love the clutch!!
Thank you so much, Jessica!!!

Lichtenstein Castle, Germany!

Germany: As spectacular as Jessica :)

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