Sunday, May 26, 2013

Special guest: Lovely Chirique from The Netherlands

She is stunning! She has the most lovely lips I've ever seen and a beautiful smile. And to make it all better: She is stylish and she has a fashion blog that you have to check :)
She has outfits for every occasion, different make up styles, and different hair styles, and she looks stunning in all of them.
It was very hard to pick an outfit, but since mixing yellow with black is super in, and also the animal print, I went for this one. Thank you so much, beautiful Chirique!
 I love the outfit!

 With that face she could be a make up model!

 Golden accessories!

 A touch of orange makes the outfit rock!

Love the shoes!

To keep the trend: fashion consultant Ezgi Kiramer. Trend:

Beautiful Netherlands :)

Netherlands: Pretty girls everywhere!!

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  1. perfect combination


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