Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Special guest: Sandra shines as the nordern lights in Finland

 Her skin is perfect, totally natural and she has the most beautiful cheek-bones I've ever seen!
She is beautiful! With beautiful platinum blonde hair (I was dying to have that color when I was a child), perfect cheek bones and a lovely face! But she is not just a pretty girl! She is stylish and she has a blog! her pictures are beautiful, her style is perfect!!
She immediately replied to me when I requested to use her pictures, and the rest talks for her. She was worth to show to my readers from all over the world!
I've already talked about Finland but I can't wait to go. Maybe it will be this year and I'm planning to have the heck of a good time!!
In Finland is the only glass-igloo hotel in the world, and it allows you to enjoy the northern lights while you are super comfy and warm in your bed with the best company you would choose!!
Well, I'm gonna shut up! Thanks so much, Sandra! You rock!!
 The ultra long necklace is fabulous!!

She looks amazing with those trousers!

 Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland! I NEED to go there!!

Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland, can you imagine a better place for looking at the northern lights?

Finland shines like the Northern Lights :)


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