Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special guest from Australia: Karen has a very good point

I love her dress!!!
When I found Karen's blog... the first thing that caught my eye was not her fabulous style in fashion... NO! Was a sentence she had from Sofia Coppola on the header of her blog. I pasted it few entries ago, and kept me thinking for days:
          "You're considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion, but I think that you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity". And if a girl has the time to think about that phrase, she defo has brains. Why does everyone think that girls that like style and fashion are always dumb and empty? I remember once someone posted a mean comment calling me pretentious and superficial... but the point of this blog is fashion, isn't it? I mean, we all have personal issues, ethernal questions, we might like philosophy, physics, art movies, whatever, and still, since the topic here is to enjoy fashion from all over the world, I try to avoid the deep thoughts that I'm sure are in each single person.
          Anyway, I found some super smart celebrities that are crazy about fashion and no one dares to call them superficial.
Natalie Portman: Speaks fluenty six langages and gratuated from Harvard University.
Madonna: IQ of 140
Shakira: IQ of 140 and speaks 5 languages fluently
Nicole Kidman: IQ of 132
Sharon Stone: IQ of 154 and belongs to MENSA Society!
Michelle Obama: She has a doctorate, and she loves Jimmy Choo ;)
There are many more, but would take me forever to mention them.  Thank you for the lesson, Karen.
And here is Karen, with amazing asian features, great style, cheek bones to die for, and gorgeous lips.
And her blog!! . Thank you!! You're amazing!

 The boots are also super cool!

And the bag. I love she is not wearing a necklace, so that makes the dress stronger :)



Australia: Brains, beauty and style :)

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