Friday, May 31, 2013

Black top long on the back: outfit number 4

I've got a little bit fed up of using the same thing for four days, so I think I'll be alternating a little bit, but I made it to the fourth outfit!! :)
Since I was tired of the top hanging on the back, I decided to put it inside a jumpsuit. And here it is! I hope you like :)

Remember: Socks with sandals or open shoes are super in.
And another way to use a necklace is on your wrist, like mine :)

The jumpsuit was around 7 USD in a sale some time ago, but I totally forgot I had it.
The top has appeared previously here: 
The shoes have appeared previously here:
And the necklace used as bracelet has appeared previously here:

The make up is MAC and Chanel :)

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