Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special guest: Beautiful Cacau from Brazil!

 I love the Kate Moss tee and the shoes!
I am not surprised any more: Brazilian girls have style... AMAZING style!!! I knew the girls were beautiful since I've seen many top models from that country, always tall, slim, cute and with exceptional non conventional beauty... but each time I find a nice Brazilian fashion blogger that also is super kind that replies to me immediately that I can use her pictures (they are always super kind and super fast in their replies), I fall off the chair when I start checking their outfits and their personality!
Cacau is not the exception, she has a fashion blog with the pictures she likes the most about street style, her outfits, and inspiring things, like nice food. She is not pretentious and she makes her style rock! She is adorable! Here is her link: , check it out, will be a nice surprise!
She is half Brazilian, half Spanish, so I think she got the best of each culture!
And here she is, gorgeous Cacau! Thank you for letting me use your pictures! :)

 Gold is really strong this year! The vest is an excellent choise!



Her home town: Recife, the most modern city of Brazil :)

 Brazil, always chic!!!

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  1. ownn!! Thanks!
    Lovely Post ! :)


    Cacau Rivas


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