Thursday, May 9, 2013

Special guest: Harriet, Finland rocks!!

Just the blazer and the belt make the entire outfit change and becomes fun, shiny and cheery. 
Beautiful and stylish Harriet is not the first girl from Finland we have in this blog, but more is MORE! And I love the Finnish style! They all rock! Chic, trendy, stylish, super attractive, and I really learn from them, because Mexico is in general a tropical country (easy to dress), but when I am in Norway I find it extremelly hard to look chic with clothes for cold weather... and everything is almost always black! Don´t you think winter is prettier in colors?
She gives me an awesome lesson here. I took two outfits from her, because both are for cold weather, but even though she is using black garments, she adds a touch of a super shiny color, and that is enough to look different, and trendy!!!
Also her hair is blonde, and that makes her beautiful face shine even more, so that is a good option for black long days, add some color in yourself: Hair, make up, shoes, accessories, anything!
She has a blog and I totally love that she takes many of the pictures by herself, that is the perfect example for us that we don't always need a photographer :) specially when it is about showing your outfits, the quality of the camera or the photograph doesn't really matter as long as we can have the essence of the outfit.
Keep on shining Harriet, you rock!

I love her nails! Shall we copy her style? :)

And here!
 If she would have wore everything black, the outfit might have been boring or too sober... but with the pants...

...and the skulls scarf, the outfit is full of life!!
Thank you so much Harriet!!

Jyväskylä, Finland :)

Finland! Always keeping it chic!

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