Friday, May 10, 2013

Special guest: Carols from Brazil, land of music and Joy

 I'm really afraid of green but she really makes it work with her bag and her shoes!
I talked a lot about my favorite things from Brazil in the last entry a beautiful girl (Soraya) from that country accepted to share her pics with me so I'm gonna keep it shorter this time. But... I WANNA GO TO RIO!!
Ok, enough. I have another amazing girl this time, also from Brazil, that agreed to share her pictures in this blog. She is cute, she is original, she is charming, she is Brazilian! I can almost imagine her dancing as we listen to the gorgeous amazing drums! Her name is Carols :)
She has a fashion blog that you should check out: where one outfit is better than the other! Was really hard to choose. She has lovely curly hair, beautiful legs and great ideas for dressing. I hope you like as much as I did. Thank you, Carols! You rock!
 The formal blazer is the perfect contrast!

 She looks adorable!

 Colors of Brazil!

Amazing Rio!

Brazil: Music and joy :)

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  1. Awweee thank you so much Dharia! Your so sweet! =))) Loved the post! take care! beijos


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