Monday, May 20, 2013

Special guest: Fantastic Tali, from Netherlands

As I've mentioned before I've been in the Netherlands and I loved it. Everyone I met there is great! And the fun never ends. And in this post, I'm very proud of introducing my readers to Tali. A very unique girl from the Netherlands with an amazing unique style. She has lovely short hair (that I totally love) and she wears proudly her glasses! I love when girls allow us to see them with the glasses because they can be so trendy! And the ones I've seen in her pictures rock! Just as her blog's title: . She is way much more professional than me: her pictures are perfect, the outfits are amazing, the shopping tips, and maybe what I like the most is the DIY ideas section. She is really skilled!
Well, I'm gonna shut up now. I hope you like her outfits as much as I do!
Thank you so much, Tali!!

Stripes and printed pants... I love the combination! And she makes it extremelly chic in monochrome!


The Netherlands: Rocker and chic!!

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I would really appreciate it :)


  1. Whee thank you sweety :) So many nice words, I'm humbled! BTW these pants are DIY tie dye, I have a tutorial on my blog!


    1. I saw the tutorial but I didn't wanna say much expecting that my readers will check your blog ;) I'm so happy you liked it!


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