Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Special guest: Norway and Stephanie, Great fashionistas and Gods' land!

I love boots with dresses, but I have no clue of how she manages to be outside with her beautiful dress, I always struggle with the cold weather!!

I've am very attached to Norway since I've been there almost 3 years of my life. And I have shared those amazing years with the love of my life :) .
It is wonderful. The people, the landscapes, the cities (they call them cities but I still find them extremelly small), the fjords, the sports... and the boys and girls in there are really cute. We all think that Norway is just 2 meter tall ultra blond guys, but no! Nothing as wrong as that... Norway is becoming a mixture of cultures, and although there are loads of blondes (as my bf), there is a lot of people from different countries moving there or that have been there for generations making an awesome exotic mixture of beautiful people.
Besides landscapes, viking history, beautiful people... the food is bloody delicious... but too fatty :( , last time I was in there for 3 months I gained 6 kilos!! It is really hard to resist to my mother in law cooking... she is a master in the kitchen and she can make everything taste as glory: sausages, fish, and you can't imagine how addictive her deserts are! I'm drooling just to think about it.
Fashion in Norway is honestly pricy, but the sales are awesome! Whenever there are sales I have to run to the mall!
And well, going back to the mixture I was talking to you about, we have Stephanie! A beautiful Norwegian-Filipino girl, with amazing brown eyes and perfect body! She is a blogger http://thestrawberrybrunette.com , she is a fashionista, and she really knows how to write. Why is this blog so full of perfect girls? :)
With the Filipino inheritance, she has a beautiful dark skin (for the Norwegian parameters, at least), and she has traveled around all the world!!Here she is! Enjoy!
Thank you for letting me use your pictures, Stephanie!
The extra-large sunglasses are super fashionable! Love them! Look at her lips! She is precious!!

The dress has the perfect cut! Good choise!

OMG! Her hair is in two tones as well! I need to do something about mine soon!!!
Stephanie, you are gorgeous!  I would love to meet you when I go back!

And here are some pics of my adventures in Norway :)
The famous fjord of Geiranger, I managed to photograph it from the highway when I was on a road trip with Andrew (my bf)
Norway in winter

Trollstigen, this is where, according to legends, trolls used to have mines :)

Judas Priest Concert in Oslo, Norway, with Andrew :)


 One morning, this moose was just outside the cabin where we live, and she was not shy at all!!! She scared the s..t out of me, but she is beautiful!

 Lemur photographed by me in Kristiansand Zoo

 Suricat in Kristiansand Zoo :)

 Wild fox that I photographed when we passed in front of him in the car... he didn't move at all!

Norwegian wolf I photographed in Langedrag park

Linxes in Langedrag Park :)

Bear I photographed at Bjorneparken... isn't he cute???

Norway, land of the Nordic Gods!


  1. Thank you Dharia! You are so sweeet:* I hope to meet you some day. Don't hesitate to contact me when you are in Oslo :)

    1. We go to Oslo all the time, so hopefully I'll meet you this year! There are so many things I would love to learn from you!! xoxoxo


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