Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Special guest: Kavita from enigmatic India

 I love the skirt!!
Kavita is from India, and I already spoke about how charming the country is, so, I'm not gonna talk too much about it, except as always, insist in how much I wanna be there, and how attracted I've always felt about the culture from India.
Kavita, besides cute and stylish, is very smart, she is studying management, and she describes herself as a passionate person. Lovely! I've checked many of her posts, and she handles English perfectly and has an awesome taste and sense of fashion!! I hope I go to India some day and would be awesome to meet her :)
Here is her blog: :)
Thank you very much, Kavita, you are adorable!!
 It seems everybody has white shoes but me!!! They are really cool!

 The shirt is from Zara

Lovely face!!

 Taj Mahal, probably the most famous building from India

India: sweet and smart girls :)


  1. Awww! That's really very sweet of you Dharia. You absolutely made my day. I couldn't have asked for more.
    Waiting to be your host in INDIA anytime you plan to visit.
    Love you girl. :* :* :*

    1. Awesome!! I would love to visit you!! And same to you in Mexico or Norway! Very happy you liked it :)


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