Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special guest: Mathilde from France! Très chic!

 I love the dress!
What makes French girls so chic? I have no idea. I've never been in France but each time I travel anywhere, I immediately spot them even before they start talking with their beautiful language. They have something really hard to describe, that makes them unique, special and incredibly sexy even if they are wearing baggy jeans and a low pony tail.
I don't have to talk much about France since we all know it is a Designers and Perfume land, its  landscapes, beaches and cities are amazing, the majestic Louvre, the Eiffel tower and Notre Damme are there, the cuisine is world famous, and its films are great! The new French Horror films can make your hear stop, or jump from your seat! I love that! I saw Frontière(s) ,Ils , and Martyrs a couple of years ago and I had to stop them for a while because I was really scared. But French comedy films are also incredible. I remember how much I loved Amélie , Jeux d'enfants, Hors de Prix and 8 femmes  to mention a few.
France has amazing fashion icons... well, what is not to love about France???
And here is beautiful Mathilde! She is (no surprise) extremelly chic, and even when it seems she didn't put a huge effort on her outfit, she looks amazing! Effortless chic! I love that! Lovely face, great personality, great style! Her hair is super cool (in two colors as well), and she has a beautiful look!
Here is her blog :)
Don't miss it.
Thank you very much, Mathilde! :)
 Nice rings!


Nancy, her home town :)

Some French fashion icons that I love:
 Audrey Tautou

 Marion Cotillard

Emmanuelle Beart :)

France, Très chic!!

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