Friday, May 10, 2013

Special guest: Susana, from the beautiful Chile

 I love her hair band and it matches the band on her shoes :)
In the last post, I talked about Chilean history, at least recent history, but not about it's natural beauty. It is breathtaking and it is worth to take a vacation to the South at least one week to see as much as you can. It has deserts, glaciers, cities, towns, islands, all kinds of places! And I added the ones that impressed me the most at the end of this entry.
Susana is a fashion blogger, with entries about her fashion idols, and what she considers the most important news in the fashion world , she is very creative, and some of her entries are about music as well ;)
Well, done, girl. I like that her look is, innocent, and neat, she looks almost like a little girl!
She really looks sweet, and I had to share her pictures here. I hope you enjoy :)
Thank you, Susana! :)
 The heart on the t-shirt makes her look sweeter!

Neat and stylish!

Los pingüinos national monument :) more than 120,000 penguins live here!!

San Rafael Glacier :)

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