Sunday, May 5, 2013

Special guest: Alisha, Australia is Funky!!

I almost fainted when I saw her hair. Can you notice how shiny it is even if it is that long??? I'm shocked!!
We absolutely love Koalas, kangaroos, platypus (they are so funny), and even tasmanian devils! They are the cutest when they are grumpy, hehehe. One of my idols was Steve Irwin, showing new generations how to take care and love all kinds of animals (even crocs), and he really enjoyed animal company :) . I cried like a baby when he died :( . I had by those days an amazing Australian friend from Myspace called Amy, and although I don't know what she is doing now, she got online just to give me the bad news because she knew how much I liked him!
Anyway, Australia is not just koalas and snakes, it is very smart people (Shane and Amy are psychologists), fashion, architecture (Sidney's Opera), colors and fun!
Beautiful beaches, surfing, hot girls, hot boys, music, everything! If the air flight would not be that pricy I would have been in Australia many times and since many years ago, but (as usual) I have to save money.
Anyway, this beautiful girl is called Alisha, also known as the Princess Pink Glitter!
Her style is really colorful and funky! I think she is really influenced by the 70's looks because of the colors but  she managed to improve it adding fantastic jewelry of all size and colors, and shoes that we can only get in our century!
She has amazing super big blue eyes and probably the most fantastic hair I've ever seen!
Here is her blog, , don't miss it out!! You will find the most crazy, cool combinations ever, and she manages to look gorgeous in every single one!!
She has a gorgeous body shape... and have you noticed her shoes closet, behind her? OMF! I would give everything to have as many shoes!!! :)
I totally love the dress and the combination!

 I really need shoes in more colors! I just learned to love colorful shoes some months ago!!

The print of her dress is fabulous!

Have you ever seen something cutest than this?? I absolutely die to hold one!!!

Australia: Funky, and koalas' land!!

Thank you so much for letting me use your pics, Alisha! You are stunning!

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