Saturday, May 4, 2013

Special guests From Portugal: Mariana and Sur

 Sunglasses, boots! Love the outfit!
Portugal!! One of my favorite bands is Madredeus! And there is a movie, Lisbon Story that I totally loved when I saw it , I've always wanted to go to Portugal. I love the language, I absolutely love all the pictures I've seen from there, and I love the people. Met a few while traveling.
This stunning girl is Mariana, she also has a blog, with great pictures, and the most lovely dog, that is an important part of her life and her blog, that is why I had to have it here as well. His name is Sur and he has the cutest dog eyes! I just wanna hold him all the time!!
 The bracelet rocks!

I think she is lovely :)

Here is her dog, Sur

And here is Sur when he was a puppy!! OMG!!!! 1000 hearts for Sur!

Here is a picture of beautiful Lisbon, I tried to choose a pickie that reflected the old escence that you can feel on the air over there :)

Portugal: A place to travel in time :)

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