Friday, May 3, 2013

Special guest: Marie: Colorful Panama!

This lovely girl is Marie! She is from Panama and when I saw her I totally wanted her to appear in my blog! She has one of sweetest faces I've ever seen with the cutest smile, and even her clothes is sweet! I totally love how the clothes matches the scenery she chose for the pictures!
Her face, as her clothes are full of light and I really like when you see a person and makes you smile. That is a real gift. :)
Here is her blog with very interesting fashion tips: check it out!

I have to accept I am scared of wearing pastel tones, but I think that after seeing how cool Marie looks I will give them a try!!

Panama: The taste of pastels :)


  1. Such a great colorful outfit!

  2. Sure dear, you are welcome to post up my photos :) I saw your sweet comment on wanting to post up for my country (Malaysia). It'll be my pleasure if you do so. Thanks for dropping by Dharia, (pretty name btw!).


  3. hey, thank you for your comment:) Of course you can use my pictures for Luxembourg, I`m really proud that you asked me for it:) xoxo

  4. she´s beautiful!
    Thank you so much for your comment! I think your idea is reaally great and I would love to represent Portugal, so I sau yes!

  5. Thank you SOOOO much for featuring me Dharia!!!! You are such a sweetheart, I really appreciate all of your kind words. Thank you SO much!

    1. you deserve it, beautiful! I love your blog :)


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